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1) We are very proud of one of our newest clients. She is a mother of three who is not receiving child support and had worked at the same job for several years. She felt that the boss and her colleagues were doing unethical and possibly illegal activities concerning insurance billing and customer deception. It also appeared as if they were set to direct all the blame on her if they were ever caught. They were abusive and coercive in their treatment of her so she was forced to quit her job. 
She filed for unemployment in the state of NJ and was denied benefits. 
She wrote a letter of appeal and had a hearing date set. It was vital that she be able to obtain benefits as it would be her only income until she can get another job. 
She was referred to Action Advocates and we reviewed work correspondence with her boss, and her letter of appeal and then advised her of the legal context in which to use to bolster her rights on appeal. We prepared a detailed letter for her to submit in support of her original letter of appeal and preparation for what to say in the appeal hearing.
She WON her appeal and received the benefits she was always entitled to and deserved. 
She did very well by preserving her appeal and seeking our guidance since her boss fought very hard to deny her benefits even lying under oath at the hearing. But with her confidence and our expertise in unemployment rights and appeals she was able to win her appeal and be awarded her benefits retroactively. 
2) Previously, we had a client, Mrs. R, contact us emotionally distraught about a hospital bill for approximately $14,000. 
Overwhelmed with the long term care needs of her daughter who suffered catastrophic injuries in an auto accident she asked Action Advocates to take over the handling of all of her medical bills. This way Mrs. R, could put all of her time and focus on being a caregiver to her daughter. 
The first thing our advocate did was review her medical insurance coverage and all of her medical bills and then focused on the $14,000 bill that had been declared past due and threatened our client with collections. 
Our advocate had contacted the hospital and insurance company and within 30 days it was determined that our client only had to pay $140 and NOT the nearly $14,000 the hospital had billed her. 
Mrs. R said, "if I had $14,000 I would be happy to give it to Action Advocates, your fast help and the relief it gave me was worth every penny!"  
Action Advocates continues to organize and handle all of Mrs. R's medical insurance and billing needs on a monthly basis.  
Mrs. R says she no longer fears opening medical bills and just forwards them directly to Action Advocates with full confidence they will ensure she doesn't pay one penny more than is necessary. 
Action Advocates is pleased that our experienced medical advocate was able to save Mrs. R thousands of dollars, prevent her from suffering collection harassment and legal action and solved her problem giving her peace of mind in just 30 days. 

3) We have a client who had been denied admission to graduate schools for two years. 
The client contacted Action Advocates  for advice on how to increase her chances of  getting accepted and to assist her in writing and editing her application essay for admission to graduate school. 
The client was accepted to an accredited graduate program in her field of choice at a reputable southern State University on her very first application she sent using Action Advocates help.
Congratulations and best wishes to M.P. we know you will  do very well in grad school and get a great new career when you graduate!
4) We had a client who had health insurance through her employer. After a treatment at her doctor she received a bill for $660 claiming her doctor was now out of network. Unable to pay this bill she contacted Action Advocates. Our advocate made one phone call to the doctor's billing office  and determined that although the doctor was now out of the network he would accept the amount insurance pays if he had been in her network. That amount was $130. Action Advocates saved this client over $500. If she had ignored this bill it would have gone to collections, had interest and fee's added and she may have been sued for payment adding attorney fee's too. 
For just $39 Action Advocates helped this client save hundreds of dollars and had her problem solved within days.
5) Mrs. S filed her own claim for Social Security Disability due to terrible back and shoulder pain and being on strong medications that made it impossible for her to safely work. Her claim was denied. Mrs. S asked Action Advocates for assistance in appealing her claim.
Our Advocate specialist filed her appeal, assisted her in gathering all her medical records, doctor' reports and witness affidavits. Our Advocate prepared Mrs. S for what to expect at the hearing and represented her in front of the Administrative Law Judge.
Two weeks after the hearing Mrs. S received a letter telling her she won her appeal and that thousands of dollars in back benefits would be paid to her going back to the date she filed her initial claim. And starting that month she would now get her monthly social disability insurance payments.
Action Advocates knowledge of administrative procedures and appeals enabled this client to get all of the Social Security Benefits she was entitled to. 
6)We have a client who was fired from her job while she was on an employer approved disability leave. She filed for unemployment benefits in her state and her claim was approved in March of 2012. 
In July of 2012 she was notified by the Unemployment Office that her employer filed an appeal seeking to have the state change their mind,  deny her claim, and make her repay all the money she had already collected. 
Extremely fearful that without the help of a specialist she could lose the appeal she contacted Action Advocates for help.
Her advocate explained the process and procedures of the administrative hearing and advised her on the best strategy to defend her claim, including what to say in the telephone hearing against her large former employer.
Congratulations Amy for beating your employer! With Action Advocates help, Amy won her case and continued receiving her benefits.
7)Another recent client, Rebecca, was being sued by a very aggressive collection law firm in Southern California. Rebecca had already tried to work out a payment plan with these unreasonable collectors and had been been to court several times.  Our team of advocates reviewed Rebecca's situation and decided a better strategy for Rebecca would be to go to court and defend herself. Tina, our top advocate met with Rebecca to explain the process, alleviate her fears and to provide her with a script on what to say to the Judge in court. Rebecca showed up at trial and defended herself and the court dismissed the case against her
Rebecca beat the collection lawyers!
We are so proud of Rebecca for fighting for herself. Thanks for using Action Advocates to help you solve your problem.

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