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AARP, Your New BFF
Banks Dubious Ways They "Appreciate" Customers
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AARP, Your New BFF

AARP, Your New Best Friend, Don't be Scared...

I Just joined #AARP, and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would! I turned 54 this last June, and up until now, I kept tossing out all the ads that came in the mail -- despite my brothers earnest attempt to convince me that it is a smart idea. Every time the marketing materials came in the mail it reminded me how far over the hill I had descended, closer and closer to that dreaded number, 62. I believed that if I joined AARP I would somehow immediately be zapped by a full head of grey hair, and forever be known as that "elderly lady" by all the kids on our street.

Banks Dubious Ways They "Appreciate" Customers


Action Advocates is here to help you survive their practices

Sally Hwang recently spotted a payment of $8.10 on her checking account statement for accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Problem was, she had no recollection of signing up for such coverage. LA Times April 24, 2015.
Sally, like you and I, and our customers, was duped, in more ways than one. More than simply taking her money, they took her trust as well. The very bank that is supposed to be there for her financial well-being has stolen from her.

Student Internships Available

Any students looking for an internship opportunity? 

We are looking for  students who would like to work with us on our marketing and advertising, website design and public relations. 

Experience with social media is a plus! 

We are happy to complete forms and evaluations to help you get college credit for your work and we will provide references for your job search. 

Flexible schedules and online projects too. It also could turn into a paying gig :-) 

If interested email us your resume at  

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